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I draw cartoon, anime and yes... sexy women.

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GastroReid's News

Posted by GastroReid - 9 days ago

Sorry guys, I won't be streaming picarto/mixer anymore until I become a popular artist in the future. Whenever I was stream, I was waiting and waiting and WAITING for people to come to my stream, but nobody comes. It was because my art are not good enough. 

So I was thinking I'll have to wait until I get enough fanbase while I'll keep on drawing and more practice until I get enough fanbase before I start getting back to livestream sooner. Whose knows, maybe might I will.

Also I had to keep less fanarts and more of my OCs.



Posted by GastroReid - 2 weeks ago

Please contact all the congress and tell them that this is really a bad idea and it will really harm YouTube career.

Posted by GastroReid - 2 weeks ago


We hit 70 fans!

Thank you so much everybody!

The next goal is 80 fans.


Posted by GastroReid - 1 month ago


Well 2019 will be gone until midnight and 2020 will be a hell of the year. I hope you guys have a good, nice, peace and safe Happy New Year and thank you for all your support. More of my new artworks will be coming in 2020.

What's my plan for 2020?

  1. Well I'm still finishing up a erotic Space Goof fan comics called "I Was Abducted By Space Goof" but that'll be put on delayed because I'm still finishing up a script first and then start drawing comic pages. After I finish up "I Was Abducted By Space Goof" comic, I already got a plan for making my own adult comic strips called DinoGoo. It's about all male cartoon living skeletal dinosaurs cover in slime having sex with all cavewomen and it'll be some random adult humor and adult porn stuff between slimy dinosaurs and cavewomen.
  2. Creating some new OCs, but I'm still thinking of something new, so will let you guys know soon.
  3. I'm might planning to open up commission here on DA but I don't know when, I might give more announcement soon.

Posted by GastroReid - October 24th, 2019

Hey guys, great news!

We just hit 60 followers now!


A huge and big thanks to my old and new followers. You guys so amazing!


Posted by GastroReid - October 12th, 2019

Just to announce that I will no longer drawing anime style.

Why? I have no idea. I just don't feel like drawing anime anymore, maybe sometime I can draw anime but not alot.


Posted by GastroReid - September 24th, 2019

Just letting you know that I have a Liberapay account that's help to support my work. It's a alternative site of Patreon or Ko-fi.



Posted by GastroReid - August 27th, 2019

We reached 50 fans/followers! I wanna thank all of you for your support, I really appreciated.


Now, can we reach 100 followers please?


Posted by GastroReid - August 13th, 2019

Hey guys I got bad news, my motherboard is broken. I don't know what happen because I've got a new cpu to install. I try to remove the cooler fan off of it but I had a problem removing it until moments later it finally remove. But after I installed a new CPU, turn it on and the computer won't turn on. It's not the new cpu, it's not the cooler fan, it the plastic lever thing that locks the cpu, it's broken. I don't know why or how it broke but it doesn't work anymore so I have to get a new motherboard. 

It's a good thing I still got that old laptop so I continue working. 


Posted by GastroReid - August 8th, 2019

I've deleted all my "I Was Abducted By Space Goof!" adult fan webcomic from NG and post at Smack Jeeves and The Duck Webcomics sites. Go check it out!